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approaching executive search & talent development differently.

Tapestry Talent weaves together industry expertise with cutting-edge solutions to help organizations find their next best leaders. The right leader will enrich your culture, elevate your team(s), and improve your bottom line. 




At Tapestry Talent, we develop a creative approach tailored to each organization's culture and needs, to ensure you find not just the best candidate, but the right candidate.

  • Creative and proven success in sourcing, vetting and placement of leadership in healthcare, business services, manufacturing

  • Analysis of culture and job requirements to help you qualify your ideal candidates and potentially remove unnecessary barriers

  • Customized job descriptions and thoughtful posting of positions with lens for diversity

  • Video job descriptions to promote your hiring leaders and culture

  • Thorough interview techniques that addresses both inherent skills and experience: we speak with candidates multiple times to meet them on different days, asking similar questions in new ways, and probing further to gain a clear understanding of a candidate’s personality, skills and motives 

  • A commitment to thinking outside of the box, as well as within the box you have defined. Sometimes clients are pleasantly surprised to find the right leader comes from an unexpected place and brings talents and experience that adds a layer of expertise they did not know they needed.

  • Hogan Personality Assessments to better understand the drivers and motivators of candidates: over 10 years experience in using Hogan to complement the interview process

  • Compensation guidance, offer negotiations expertise and onboarding support

  • Consultative support of talent hiring processes:

    • Help create a culture of real inclusion, acceptance, and open communication of ideas: helping your leaders develop EQ and broad thinking

    • Teaching your Hiring Managers and HR teams how to creatively recruit and interview for greater hiring success: 1:1, or group workshops/conferences

Not-For-Profit Search : Not Like the Others!

Assisting volunteer boards in hiring a new leader of a nonprofit takes unique skills and experience beyond most executive recruiters’ skills sets and experience:

  • Deep experience working with large selection committees/ boards of cultural institutions, social services, education & healthcare non-profits

  • A commitment to producing a diverse candidate slate with success in placing racially diverse leaders

  • High touch and high communication: agendas and scheduled meetings/interviews are planned far in advance to accommodate busy volunteers’ schedules; all materials are sent in advance for review, video, email and phone check-ins regularly

  • Extensive interviewing and background checking: we “meet” candidates multiple times before we determine they fit the criteria and present them to a selection committee

  • Custom-created, comprehensive description of the role and the organization: you want to attract the right people to your brand and culture as much as the opportunity, itself: this is created through interviews with board and staff to ensure your mission, vision and values are conveyed through the job description

  • Extremely thorough candidate interview process with all stakeholders: coordination of committee and staff interviews, candidate presentation, opportunity for the board to meet each finalist in a social setting to assess candidate’s public speaking and social skills, personality assessments

  • Compensation guidance, offer negotiations expertise and onboarding support

  • Hogan Personality Assessments to better understand the drivers and motivators of candidates: over 10 years experience in using Hogan to complement the interview process


The clearer you are about what you want your culture to be, the easier it will be to identify the right people.

  • Use of Hogan assessment tool to understand current employees and/or teams drivers and motivators.  With over ten years working with Hogan, we can help people identify pivotal traits affecting workplace behaviors that can motivate or derail.

  • Culture assessments through 1:1 interviews with team members of an organization to understand a person’s role in the organization, to provide advice regarding succession planning for the future, and to create a potential path for professional development of key employees.

  • Opportunity for leaders to work with a coach either 1:1 or as a team to improve culture, communication and daily behaviors to more effectively meet strategic goals.

  • This work can lay the foundation for succession planning with internal employees.


Hiring and Growing Diverse Talent for Tomorrow’s Leadership: Talent Cohorts Program

  • Tapestry Talent will lead the hiring process for multiple positions at one time, creating a diverse cohort of 5-6 employees who will enter the organization together, and remain supported through group facilitations and mentorship programs with current employees: a true partnership that goes beyond sourcing and recruiting your new talent to create real inclusion and build a diverse leadership pipeline.

  • Diverse cohorts may include BIPOC cohorts, people with neuro-diversity, people with physical disabilities, or people who have left the workforce for a period of time for a variety of reasons and are ready to bring their skills and expertise to an organization again.

Why is this important?

  • The 2020 Census shows 43% of the American population is now considered persons of color: this means your customer and client base has shifted. Does your employee base represent their perspectives and life experiences? Likely not.

  • Workers are looking for a career path, not just “ a job”.  Give them a Progress Path forward, long term, even if it starts at entry level.  Create a win/win for you and your employees: You need to build diverse leadership for the future and early career talent is seeking long-term professional growth within an organization.

  • Successful organizations see incoming talent as an asset that will become increasingly valuable with the investment of training and support. Invest in that talent today for an exceptional and diverse leadership team five and ten years from now.


Tapestry Talent will bring a job description to life and set your organization apart from competitors vying for top talent!

Tapestry Talent has partnered with Jamie Perez of Beyond Words Productions, a freelance videographer based in Madison, WI, to create video job descriptions to enhance your “HR rec”.   After five years as a broadcast journalist, Jamie has created Beyond Words Productions to create memorable videos for businesses and individuals. Let us show you how a video will help your organization’s job description stand apart from others to attract top talent. Through natural, unscripted interviews with your leadership, we will capture the heart of your business culture and tell a compelling story about your vision and goals.  Candidates simply click on the video link in the job description.

Sample Video: Madison Cat Project


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