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Image by Ashim D’Silva


Assisting volunteer boards of nonprofits takes exceptional communication and organizational skills and an ability to deeply  understand the mission.

  • Deep experience working with large selection committees/ boards of cultural institutions, social services, education & healthcare non-profits

  • A commitment to producing a diverse candidate slate with success in placing racially diverse leaders

  • High touch and high communication: agendas and scheduled meetings/interviews are planned far in advance to accommodate busy volunteers’ schedules; all materials are sent in advance for review, video, email and phone check-ins regularly

  • Extensive interviewing and background checking: we “meet” candidates multiple times before we determine they fit the criteria and present them to a selection committee

  • Custom-created, comprehensive description of the role and the organization: you want to attract the right people to your brand and culture as much as the opportunity, itself: this is created through interviews with board and staff to ensure your mission, vision and values are conveyed through the job description

  • Extremely thorough candidate interview process with all stakeholders: coordination of committee and staff interviews, candidate presentation, opportunity for the board to meet each finalist in a social setting to assess candidate’s public speaking and social skills, personality assessments

  • Compensation guidance, offer negotiations expertise and onboarding support

  • Hogan Personality Assessments to better understand the drivers and motivators of candidates: over 10 years experience in using Hogan to complement the interview process

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