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executive search

At Tapestry Talent, we develop a creative approach tailored to each organization's culture and needs, To ensure you find the right candidate to fit your growth goals now and into the future.

  • Creative and proven success in sourcing, vetting and placement of leadership in healthcare, business services, manufacturing

  • Analysis of culture and job requirements to help you qualify your ideal candidates and potentially remove unnecessary barriers

  • Customized job descriptions and thoughtful posting of positions with lens for diversity

  • Video job descriptions to promote your hiring leaders and culture

  • Thorough interview techniques that addresses both inherent skills and experience: we speak with candidates multiple times to meet them on different days, asking similar questions in new ways, and probing further to gain a clear understanding of a candidate’s personality, skills and motives 

  • A commitment to thinking outside of the box, as well as within the box you have defined. Sometimes clients are pleasantly surprised to find the right leader comes from an unexpected place and brings talents and experience that adds a layer of expertise they did not know they needed.

  • Hogan Personality Assessments to better understand the drivers and motivators of candidates: over 10 years experience in using Hogan to complement the interview process

  • Compensation guidance, offer negotiations expertise and onboarding support

  • Consultative support of talent hiring processes:

    • Help create a culture of real inclusion, acceptance, and open communication of ideas: helping your leaders develop EQ and broad thinking

    • Teaching your Hiring Managers and HR teams how to creatively recruit and interview for greater hiring success: 1:1, or group workshops/conferences​

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