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talent cohorts

Hiring and Growing Diverse Talent for Tomorrow’s Leadership: Talent Cohorts Program

  • Tapestry Talent will lead the hiring process for multiple positions at one time, creating a diverse cohort of 5-6 employees who will enter the organization together, and remain supported through group facilitations and mentorship programs with current employees: a true partnership that goes beyond sourcing and recruiting your new talent to create real inclusion and build a diverse leadership pipeline.

  • Diverse cohorts may include BIPOC cohorts, people with neuro-diversity, people with physical disabilities, or people who have left the workforce for a period of time for a variety of reasons and are ready to bring their skills and expertise to an organization again.

Why is this important?

  • The 2020 Census shows 43% of the American population is now considered persons of color: this means your customer and client base has shifted. Does your employee base represent their perspectives and life experiences? Likely not.

  • Workers are looking for a career path, not just “ a job”.  Give them a Progress Path forward, long term, even if it starts at entry level.  Create a win/win for you and your employees: You need to build diverse leadership for the future and early career talent is seeking long-term professional growth within an organization.

  • Successful organizations see incoming talent as an asset that will become increasingly valuable with the investment of training and support. Invest in that talent today for an exceptional and diverse leadership team five and ten years from now.

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