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Helping organizations find and retain engaged employees and impactful leaders

These days, creative search and recruitment is required to find leadership that will authentically enrich your culture, teams, and bottom line.
EXPANDING  Think about building teams in a new way...
NETWORKING  Consider diversity in all forms...
Coaching    Strengthen your teams with professional development 
GOOD LEADERS  Recognize good leaders have unifying traits but different styles...

ABOUT Jennifer

  • Builds trusting relationships with clients and candidates alike

  • Over 25 years helping grow organizations, national and international experience

  • Ability to understand an organizational culture and its people quickly

  • Gallup Strengths: Connectedness, Learner, Empathy, Positivity, Adaptability

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What Clients Say

"Our new executive director is a wonderful fit for our culture and has been an impressive leader."
Hire the right people. Ask the right questions.  be curious.