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Jennifer is an executive recruiter based in Madison, Wisconsin, who works with private, public, and nonprofit organizations throughout Wisconsin. She helps organizations assess needs, recruit, and hire leaders and future leadership, both organizational and for corporate boards. She is adept at working with selection committees, which requires exceptional communication, planning, and finesse. She is successful in her efforts to attract and develop a top-tier, diverse slate of candidates for roles because of her broad network and her innate ability to recognize people with interesting transferrable skills and talents. Clients and candidates comment that she makes the hiring process both a productive and engaging experience. She recruits leaders in nonprofit, health care, education, business services, and manufacturing, working as a partner to help organizations meet their goals.

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Working with boards has become a specialty of hers, with a focus on assisting volunteer boards in critical nonprofit leadership hires and small-to mid-sized businesses throughout Wisconsin. Two years ago, she started her most recent entrepreneurial business, founding her executive search firm, Tapestry Talent, named with the goal of bringing diverse talent to organizations to enrich culture and weave a stronger, successful business strategy.

Jennifer is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Journalism. Living in France after college, she received literature and business language certificates from the Sorbonne. She is a current board member of Tempo Madison for professional women. She is a Rotarian with Downtown Madison Rotary and served on the alumni board for the Wisconsin School of Business for two years, and the Forward Theater Company Board for six years. Tapestry Talent is a member of the LGBT Chamber, the Latino Chamber, and the NAACP. She is also a marriage officiant and assists couples in marriage preparation with Other outside interests include spending time with her husband and family, and leading sing-alongs in several assisted living centers around Madison.

To reach Jennifer, please email at or, or call 608-556-3315.

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